Vision and ethos


Our school ethos is built around the words Excel, Persevere, Inspire and Challenge: School should be exciting and invigorating, a voyage of discovery building up knowledge, skills and self-confidence. The time spent at high school represents the longest period of time spent in one place during a child’s education, we hope Wolstantonians become heroes of their own destiny during this epic adventure.


In our school we don’t settle for second best, we do everything possible to achieve excellence. This includes working as a team because we believe that we are better together, encouraging each other to continuously improve. We understand that positivity encourages us to be better people; dynamic and determined. We show tolerance and compassion to everyone we meet, through both our language and our actions. We build people up instead of knocking them down, we admit our mistakes and we believe in fresh starts and second chances. 


We understand that everything which is worth having requires time and effort to achieve. We don’t just give up when things get difficult, we keep on trying until we succeed. In our school our skills, our relationships, our future; these all need planning, preparation, practice and sometimes patience. We work hard every day and take pride in our personal appearance and the facilities around us. We care about punctuality and attendance, above all else we believe in ourselves. 


The world is full of opportunities and we believe that everyone has the potential to achieve amazing things. We aim high in everything we do. We are creative and expressive, we get involved and we take initiative, daring to be independent. We learn from inspirational people and in return try to inspire others in our daily lives. For future generations we will continue to build on the great history that our school has within the community.


We want to become lifelong learners who are equipped to face the future challenges of 21st century life. We know that sometimes being challenged can be uncomfortable but we also know that it helps us to grow and to develop as people. We dare to try, in our lessons and in life. We encourage each other to ‘try something different’ and will never waste an opportunity because of fear or apathy. We challenge injustice, we challenge mediocrity, we challenge inequality and we challenge ourselves.